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Today- I am healthier and happier mentally than I have ever been! I do not have a binge eating disorder anymore! It is gone! If I want a piece of chocolate, I can have it!”

Michelle has taught me about balance and how to enjoy life and still get lean along the way! I've fallen back in love with the gym. I truly enjoy my workouts. Hiring Michelle as my coach is one of the best decisions and best investment I have EVER made. I have my health back. No more yo-yo dieting. And I have my LIFE back! I am forever grateful.


Candace O’neal, Client

Before working towards a true fitness balance, I hated myself. I cried a lot because I never felt "happy" in my skin. This self-loathing even extended far enough to have negative effects on my personality. I'm quite sure it's why I started becoming more sarcastic--and even "mean" at times. It's as if this mindset was a form of backwards self-defense.
My negative feelings even made me feel like my husband Shawn didn’t want me. Because I was big. Worst of all, though--he was clearly unhappy. It turns out it wasn't about my size. It was about the mental effects my size had on me--and the unhappiness that resulted for the both of us. Before working with Michelle, I tried every fad imaginable to "fix" me.
Shakeology, so-called "healthy" diets (false advertisements are a better term to describe them), weight watchers--you name it.
None of them provided balance or sustainability. None of them taught me the importance of portioning or long-term nutritional diet strategies. Michelle did.
Now, a year later (and a new me here to stay!), even with a goal of more weight left to lose, I’m no longer afraid to look at myself in the mirror!
Most importantly, I can examine my flaws and relish the opportunity to address them--rather than avoiding the potential of facing them in the first place! Life should be long and worry free. You should be able to eat without guilt--and live, laugh, and love in between. Michelle taught me how to do that. Enough said.


Samantha Wolcott, Client

“Before I connected with Michelle, I was 155 pounds and climbing. I was very unhappy… my clothes were not fitting, I was always in a bad mood – I would come home after work and crash. Not taking care of myself and not eating well took a toll on all aspects of my daily life and I was failing apart on the inside. The way I was living was negatively affecting my happiness and relationships with other people, especially with my fiancé. I spent way too much money and put forth so much effort – and eventually I gained back all the weight and then some. With Michelle’s help, I started to learn how to put myself first. I set realistic goals and it was time to pick myself up – time to start living life right. My transformation began

Michelle has given me the necessary tools and resources that I needed to transform my life. I have transformed both physically and mentally. My mind, body and spirit are all aligned and I am feeling stronger in all aspects of my life. So, thank you to Michelle, because without you none of this would have been possible. Lastly, if any of you out there are experiencing something similar to my story please reach out and do not think that you are alone.”


- Wendy Goodyear, Client

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently”

What a difference 3 months make... 3 months I’m eating more than I ever have before...
3 months of eating what I want, able to enjoy gatherings and stay within my freedom!
3 months of tailored workouts that have allowed me to be at my best physical shape, and push passed my own physical limitations and doubts.... Creating my Best Self …and I’m only just beginning!


- Christina Muscaritolo, Client

Today I’m eating more food than I’ve ever eaten in my life and SO many carbs. My friends love me more now that I can eat real food and they even say I’m noticeably happier. Now that I’m not depriving myself of food I love I’m not binge eating on the weekends. It’s amazing I have more food freedom than I ever imagined possible and I love it so much!!”

“This is the first time in years where I can honestly admit that I see my body changing and I am getting closer to my goals. Your program has been so amazing and I'm super excited about it! I can't wait to keep going and continue to see changes in my body!


- Mallory Kliegman, Client

Since I started with Michelle I have not only lost weight but I have also learned so much about fitness and nutrition.  I always thought I was eating healthy but I never knew I was not eating enough to reach my goals. I eat more today than I did when I thought I was at my healthiest… and guess what… I am not gaining weight! I am continuing to lose the weight while gaining muscles I never thought I would have.

Besides just physical changes I have gained so much more confidence in myself. Confidence at the gym, confidence at work, confidence in my own body.  This was something I hadn’t had in a long time and as a result of these changes I have excelled in so many new avenues.

Not only does Michelle support you on your fitness goals, she supports you on an emotional level… something that no other coach I have come across has done. I can honestly say… without the help and support from Michelle I would not be where I am today. I would not have the confidence, the energy, or the mindset I do today if I didn’t reach out to her and ask for help.  This program has changed my life and I am grateful I took the plunge and joined.


-Kristen Kingdon, Client